Dates and Rates

Dates and costs of the expeditions for season 2017

All flights are weather dependent!

Attention! You should arrive to Longyearbyen 3 days prior the expedition (2 days for helicopter trips) in case of earlier departure to the north, and leave at least 2 days after, in case of possible delays with return to Longyear. Flexible ticket is even better.


Expedition namePeriod of the expeditionDeparture from LongyearbyenDeparture from BarneoCost, (Euro, €)*
Expedition The North Pole Adventure (last degree, ski)

01.04 - 17.044 April14 April35.500available
Expedition The North Pole Extreme (2 degrees, ski)

1.04 - 27.044 April24 April41.300available
Helicopter expedition North Pole and Night on Ice

12.04 - 15.0413 April14 April16 900available

*Costs are valid for expeditions fully paid before 05.12.2016. After that date prices are rising by 2.000 Euro.

For ski expeditions we offer optional polar clothes kit for extra 1,500 Euro, if sizes were provided before 01.02.2017

1. Our agency does not guarantee expeditions starting on optional reserve dates to be conducted if the group has insufficient number of participants.
2. In accordance to the paragraph 4.3 of Booking Conditions, prices are based on the tariffs and exchange rates operating at the time of publication and therefore are subject to change. Please, check the latest prices before booking.

Cost includes:Cost does not include:
All the necessary transfers between Longyearbyen airport and hotelTravel from your place of residence to Longyearbyen and back
Aircraft and helicopter flights in the Arctic according to the programmeAccommodation, transfers (except those mentioned above) and catering in Longyearbyen
VICAAR's guiding servicesSocial and entertainment programmes at Longyearbyen
Rent of safety and expedition (personal & group) equipment according to the programAlcohol drinks
Full catering while in the Arctic (excluding Longyearbyen)Personal belongings
Using facilities of the Ice Camp BarneoInsurance against full or partial cancellation of the expedition, luggage insurance, and life insurance (strongly recommended)
Satellite phone call from the North PoleAll the unforeseen expenses related to the flight delays
North Pole Certificate ceremonyOverweight luggage
Full medical insurance with minimum evacuation coverage of 100,000 Euro (required)

Please see expeditions' descriptions for details.